D. Graham Burnett

2009 and back into the deep past

For PERFORMA 2009, Burnett contributed to “Speed Reading,” an event that featured texts on speed read from treadmills: that’s him on the right, performing a suite of historical fragments on the nineteenth-century reception of the Velocipede.

In 2009 Burnett, as part of his Mellon “New Directions” Fellowship, Burnett was in residence at Columbia University, where he was a fellow at the Italian Academy and worked with the artist Mark Dion and the neuroscientist Franco Pestilli. In the fall, he brought together the neuroscientist Sabine Kastner and the artist Terry Winters in a conversation with historian of science Peter Galison at the Kitchen in Chelsea.

In 2007 Burnett contributed to the Berlin-Based exhibition “Objects in Transition” at the Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte; click here to see his catalog essay.

In 2005 Burnett organized  “Lives of the Sea: A Symposium on the History of Marine Life,” an interdisciplinary conference (sponsored by the Program in History of Science and the Princeton Environmental Institute) featuring biologists, fisheries scientists, and historians who work on historical population data for marine species (see poster below).