D. Graham Burnett


On Thursday, the 6th of December, Burnett met Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro and Eva Díaz for a discussion about Argentinian artist Gyula Kosice and Pérez-Barreiro’s new book, Gyula Kosice in conversation with/en conversación con Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro. The event was at Cabinet in Brooklyn; for more, click here.

On Wednesday, October 10, Burnett and Cornel West were in conversation as the keynote for “Pro+Agonist: The Art of Opposition,” an evening on “the productive possibilities of ‘agonism,’ or a relationship built on mutual incitement and struggle.” The event was a launch for a book of the same title, edited by Marisa Jahn, and also featured other contributors to the book. It took place in Cooper Union’s Great Hall; for more, click here.

Burnett joined Richard Sieburth and Tirdad Zolghadr on Thursday, September 20, at Cabinet, in celebration of Zolghadr’s new book, Plot, for a conversation about lists and their relationship to language, literary forms, and techniques of self-organization. For more, click here.

On the 28th of July, Burnett participated in another of Cabinet’s “Fairs for Knowledge,” this one on “American Fauna” at the former home of the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Poetry Lab, Burnett and Jeff Dolven’s semi-regular series at Cabinet, returned on July 26 with “Everyone and I and Frank O’Hara.”


Burnett and friends were in residence at Mildred’s Lane this year, sifting the mysteries of the Order of the Third Bird.

Burnett contributed an essay (“In Lies Begin Responsibilities”) to the catalog of “More Real? Art in the Age of Truthiness,” currently at SITE Santa Fe.

Marisa Jahn’s new book project is out, Pro+agonist—a study of the pains and pleasures of opposition. She has reprinted Burnett and Cornel West on the scary world of Melville’sConfidence Man.

Listen to an interview Burnett did with Carla Nappi on The Sounding of the Whale here.

Burnett’s stuff on dolphins and drugs and the mind recently came out in Japan, in the science magazine Kagaku.

On the 26th of May, Burnett participated in the Machete Group’s “Dictionary of the Present” series at the ICA in Philadelphia. More on the series here and on the specific event here.

Burnett and friends ran a set of “Attention Labs” at the Emily Harvey Foundation in SoHo—workshop meetings in February, March, and April.

On April 21st, Burnett spoke at the Philadelphia Book Festival. A full program for the event is here.

On the 18th of April, Burnett (with Sal Randolph, Helen Mira, and a special disruptive guest) presented at the Sert Gallery of the Carpenter Center at Harvard University. Title of the talk (part of the BYO series for contemporary art): “The Order of the Third Bird: Further Research on the Fascicle of E.” A practicum at the Sackler got things rolling. More here.

Burnett was at Labyrinth Books in Princeton on Wednesday, March 28, to read from his new book, The Sounding of the Whale. More info here.

On Monday, 12 March, Burnett did the MIT Colloquium in Science and Technologies Studies. The title is “History of Science: Why and Wherefore?” and the commentator is Gregg Mitman. Click here for more.

On March 11th, Burnett spoke at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The subject? Don’t want to shock you here… Whales! Click here for details.

On Thursday night, March 8th, Burnett joined Swedish artist Mats Bigert for a little end-time madness at the Spring Break show in NoLIta—part of the Armory Arts Week. Check out the doomsayers in the act:

Burnett did an hour on NPR’s “On Point” with Tom Ashbrook on Monday, 13 February, talking about whales, whale science, and whale fantasy. To listen, go here.

On February 11th, Burnett joined Ed Eigen and Paulo Tavares to discuss “Hard and Soft Evidence” at “The Geologic Turn: Architecture’s New Alliance,” a symposium at the University of Michigan’s Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. More here.

On Sunday the 29th of January, Burnett and Sina Najafi performed an apocalyptic soapbox reading from The Last Calendar at PS1’s winter open house. Details here.

On 28 January, at the Cabinet space in Brooklyn, 5-7 p.m., Burnett and friends celebrated the release of The Sounding of the Whale: Science and Cetaceans in the Twentieth Century, just out from Chicago. There was whale song, whale pics, whale talk, and … whale hors d’oeuvre (mock whale, that is, conjured by the culinary genius Kiel Borrman). Click here for the skinny on the party and an audio recording of the evening’s talk. Check out the excessively generous recent reviews: NYTFTTelegraph, and WSJ! The event was picked up by the bloggers at Smithsonian—read more here.

On 25 January, Burnett and Sal Randolph donned their “ethereal chapeaux” to present “The Order of the Third Bird: Documents and Considerations” at the Bard Graduate Center. More info here. Watch a video of the presentation here:

On the 12th and 13th of January Burnett participated in an NEH-sponsored charette organized around plans for the 38th voyage of the Charles W. Morgan. The last nineteenth-century wooden whaleship will set sail again in 2014, as part of an artistic, historical, and scientific carnival centered on the sea. Click here for more.